Mettie is an illustrator, model, editor, content writer and social media manager: a creative jack of all trades who lives in Atlanta with her partner. 

In 2013, she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Savannah College of Art & Design. She's got one hell of an eye for aesthetics and loves all kinds of artistic collaboration, from portraiture and design consultation, to body paint and figure reference modeling. Her greatest love is drawing the human figure and face.

Mettie's illustrations were first published while she was still in high school. Most recently, she created the album art for Faye Petree's Gypsy Fiddle and Tedi May's Lucky List. She is currently the blog editor for Ideal Nourishment.

She's also had the privilege of working as a living canvas for world-renowned artists like Wolf Reicherter, Stephanie Anderson, and five-time world championship winners Scott Fray & Madelyn Greco. Her face has been shown on CNN, NY Times Fashion Section, AP News, and Huffington Post Italy. 

So, are you in need of a new face or talent for your next project?